Master Painters Australia Inspections

need-a-technical-inspectionFor any work that we commission a tradesperson to do in our home to be effective, there must be a balance between reasonable standards of workmanship and reasonable expectations by the client.

This is what the Master Painters Association wants to accomplish through our MPA Technical Inspection Service.

It is available to homeowners at a reasonable cost and we even include a subsidised rate if your painter is a member of the Association!


1. What is our Technical Inspection Service?
An experienced inspector will be sent to your home to make a detailed inspection of the finishes, carrying out any tests necessary and drawing out important issues to your attention. You will then receive a written report through this Association.

This not only helps the homeowner to determine whether the painting service is of the highest standard, but it serves as an expert opinion which you can use to resolve a dispute–whether it be a face-to-face discussion with your painter or as an evidence in a legal hearing.

2. What is the cost of the inspection service?
For MPA Members and consumers who engage their services, the cost of a verbal inspection is free of charge. Should you require a written report, then the cost is based on a subsidised hourly rate + GST.

For painters who are not MPA members and consumers who engage their services, a written report is charged at an hourly rate + GST including travel time from site to site.

For remote locations, a travelling charge and written costs will vary depending on the size of the project involved.

3. How quickly can an inspection be organised?
Within 2-3 days.

4. When do I get the written report?
It usually takes a week but for fast service—just ask us.

5. Who should attend the inspection?
Though it is not essential, we do encourage everyone involved to attend. That includes you, your painter, and your builder (if you have one).

6. Should I tell the painter (builder) that I have commissioned an inspection?
If they are a member of the MPA, we will be the one to inform them and invite them to attend the inspection

7. How do I arrange an inspection?
Just give us a ring at 0414 351 756 and we will set up an appointment with the inspector.

8 How is payment arranged?
It is strictly on a payment up front basis, with a balance on completion of the inspection.