Painting Tips & Data Sheets

The Master Painters Association recommends that painting of all new surfaces i.e Plaster, Timber and Metal should have three coats applied as per paint manufacturer’s specifications and painted to Australian Standard AS/NZ2311:2009. There has been a trend over a number of years for new homes especially in new estates to have only two coats. We acknowledge that applying three coats does increase the cost of painting. By applying the correct number of coats as recommended with the appropriate sanding and filling between coats, enables your applicator the opportunity to provide a better standard of paint finish on your new home. This also allows the materials supplied by the paint manufacturer to perform to its maximum. We also recommend that only premium grade products be used. Please click on document to download information in PDF format:
001-blistering-infomation-data-sheet Blistering Information
002-pre-primed-weatherboards Pre Primed Weatherboards Information
002a-preparation-of-pre-primed-timber A Preparation of Pre Primed Timber
003-what-to-look-for What to look for in a painting quote Information
004 Tips on how to avoid a Shonky painter Information
005 Paint Finishing Standard Information
006 Touch up on paint work
007 Painting of Plasterboard & Backrolling
009 Recommended Procedure for Lead Paint Removal
010 Industry Research Sheen/Staining or Gloss Banding
011 Inspecting Painting Surfaces from a normal Viewing Position
012 Concrete Cancer Data Sheet
013 Gloss, Satin or Flat – Choosing the right Paint
014 Disposal of Paint… the right Way!
015 Hints to Solve Paint Problems Information
016 A Superior Exterior
017 Opacity of Paints
018 Critical Lighting
019 Yellowing Enamels
020 Painting Tilt-up Concrete Slabs
023 023 Picture Framing
  Information Data Sheets: NOTE: Some general guidance for painting is given but the manufacturers instructions for use for each paint product should be followed.