Ambulance-Station-Members-Wanted We are excited to be involved in volunteering our services to paint the interior of the Strathalbyn Ambulance Station on Saturday the 8th of September 2018. The Strathalbyn Ambulance Station has been stuck in the 80’s for far too long and as a way of saying thank you for all that the volunteers do for the Community we have offered to refresh and transform the interior of the Station with a paint job. The paint product has kindly been donated and we are looking for a team of MPA Members/Painters to volunteer 1 day of their life to give back to the Community. All of the Ambulance volunteers (apart from the Regional Team Leader who is a Paramedic), 80% of the volunteers live within the community increasing their chances of attending to someone they know or related to. Recently one of their volunteers was called to her neighbours house and had to perform CPR. They have also attended friends children in horrific car accidents etc. and then go off to their normal working job the following day. They are required to commit 30 hours per month of roster coverage plus weekly trainings to ensure their skills are on point in preparation for any job they are called to. They also receive the same emotional support as our paramedic colleagues however unfortunately not the financial assistance. These volunteers could be called to one of your family members on their way back from delivering a patient to the Royal Adelaide Hospital or local Hospital in Adelaide. Please consider your time or one of your staff to volunteer their services for 1 day and give back to the community, I look forward to hearing from you.

Painters Wanted: Contact Us Today

  • At MPA we like to keep the pool of tradesman within our group. If you are looking for a painter please email us so that we can add you to our list.
  • However, if you are a small business that has gone quiet, we can find you hourly rate work.
  • Just as importantly, if you are letting a painter go, please notify us, as we have members urgently wanting painters!