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Held on Friday the 17th of June 2022

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Covid may have delayed our Awards for Excellence evening but not our Energy …… back with a BANG, what a Night!!!  Incredible standard or workmanship nominated once again.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Category Winners, Highly Commended, Finalists and Apprentices in their respective years.


We Congratulate “THE MASTER PAINTER OF THE YEAR 2021/22”

Winner “ADELAIDE WALLPAPER PROFESSIONALS” Conor Shanley with his Special Project entered at North Adelaide.

After undertaking the installation of a mural, painted by an Italian artist in Genoa onto a fabric base using a lime plaster technique, to the mainly flat ceiling of the 11 metre by 8 metre room, damage inflicted prior to its installation by preparation for packing and travel from Italy to Australia, had to be repaired by mixing bases to match the texture of the work and also matching colours and techniques of the original artist.


All of this being on a ceiling approximately 7 metres in the air just adds to the complexity of the work.


Not withstanding the need to adjust the actual mural to conform to the very minor curves in the corners of the room and the consequence of the pattern having to be retouched, the overall result is outstanding.


The original work of the Italian artist has been repaired such that the original intention of having the work appear to have been constructed using profiled mouldings and features onto a highly domed ceiling has been retained, where in actual fact, the ceiling is basically totally FLAT.


What a Project!